Careers at Holiniq.

At Holiniq, beauty is not just our work — it's our way of life. Here, we celebrate excellent work and believe your best work is a reflection of your personal health and the nourishing experiences you have outside of it.

What we do

Holiniq is a global personal health and beauty education provider that empowers thousands of women every month through science-backed content that deliver results. We operate at the crossroads of science and consumer needs: intergrating cutting-edge research from fields such as dermatology, endocrinology, trichology, biology, chemistry, and psychology -- transforming complex scientific findings into accessible digital education for the discerning consumer.We were founded under the belief that a world where people are in control of how they feel about themselves is better than a world where society's expectations shape how we think about ourselves.Today, we are actively developing innovative tools and educational systems bringing transparency to the beauty industry to shift culture and make this possible. Our ultimate goal is enabling people in society to choose how they want to look, feel and be exactly who they want to be.

Holiniq in Numbers

Empowering community of

70,000+ Students

We're proud to have changed the lives of thousands of customers around the world, and this is just the beginning!

Global Presence in

150+ Countries

We're a global community who came together with one goal: to make the world a more beautiful place, starting with ourselves first.

Fastest Growing Online Beauty Educator In

13 Countries

We believe empowering women through holistic health education requires a fundamental culture shift. To reach this goal, we must make our teachings "the norm" in how consumers approach wellness and beauty. 13 countries down, a few hundred more to go!

Social Following of Over


With an ever growing reach, we're able to meet women at different points of their selfcare journey and get our knowledge into the hands of those who need it most.

Our Flagship Brand


Fall in love with your hair again with our evidence-based online haircare coaching programs.

Our Values

With us, you're not just joining something — you're creating something.

Imperfectly the best.

Gold medalists at the Olympics don't win with a perfect score; they just have the best score in the competition. We believe that aiming for perfection does not drive great work. Here, we embrace mistakes as part of our journey, knowing that each misstep is a lesson and a step towards achieving our mission.

Great Personal Health = Great Professional Work

At Holiniq, we see work as a sport. We strive to deliver performances that make the crowd go wild and fuels us with pride. Just like all championship teams, we welcome full rest and recovery outside of "practice" hours. We aim to passionately embrace our personal lives in its full beauty. So when it's time to perform, we can bring our best game.

Personal Growth > Business Growth

To create the world we want for future generations, we must first take care of each other. Continuously supporting each other to grow and create better versions of ourselves in the process. There is no place for politics; business growth is simply a by-product of our personal growth and how we take care of each other as a team.

Founder Story

Sarah Tran - Founder

Holiniq is the evolution of Sarah's personal growth journey and how she discovered holistic beauty as a tool to create everything — and we mean everything — that she ever wanted out of life.

Our Leadership Team


Program & Customer Experience

With a Master's in Industrial Engineering and experience working for major luxury brands, Pauline joined Holiniq first as a customer but eventually followed her calling to join the company, bringing her unique blend of structured thinking and creativity to the team.


Technology & Commercial

A former software product manager who lead the development of e-commerce marketplaces across Europe and Southeast Asia, he now leads technology at Holiniq, specializing in MarTech and process automation.

We're Looking For Worldclass Teammates


Ad Strategist

In this role, you'll be at the forefront of discovering new and creative advertising angles to captivate target audiences and enhance brand presence. You'll also manage the implementation of these strategies, ensuring cohesive and impactful execution across various media platforms.


Project Manager

Play a pivotal role in growing Holiniq. You'll be instrumental in managing projects, streamlining processes, and ensuring the success of our Chief Commercial Officer's initiatives, all while developing invaluable skills in a dynamic, growth-oriented environment.


Chief Marketing Officer

In this role, you'll spearhead our online education company's marketing initiatives, using your expertise in digital strategy and branding to boost our presence and growth. You'll lead campaigns and partnerships, positioning our company as a top educational choice.


Customer Success Manager

In this role, you'll oversee our customer support team, ensuring efficient onboarding and exceptional service experiences for new students interacting with our products. You'll be pivotal in nurturing customer relationships and enhancing satisfaction, driving retention and positive feedback.

AI Powered Beauty Recommendations


Scan haircare products, receive reports on their safety and get matched with safe alternatives based on your hairs unique needs.

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